Employment integration program

Become a printing assistant and build your future.

Atelier Majuscule is an employment integration company, member of the Collective of Quebec Integration Enterprises since 1996. We offer on-the-job training in bookbinding and finishing in the printing sector.

Every year, we train 42 adults experiencing certain difficulties entering and/or remaining in the job market. After our training, more than 70% of these workers in training land a job or return to school.

I'm interested!

Training offered

  • Paid training in a company (minimum wage in force in Quebec)
  • Duration of 6 months (26 weeks), 35 hours per week, daytime
  • 20 weeks of workshop learning (binding and finishing)
  • 4 weeks of internship in a company
  • 2 weeks of active job search
  • Obtaining a training certificate issued by Atelier Majuscule and the Commission scolaire de Montréal OR Obtaining a semi-skilled trade certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec.

Who is this program for?

  • Be 18 years and over
  • No experience and diploma required
  • Being without income, receiving social assistance or employment insurance
  • Desire to integrate into the job market
  • Be unemployed and available to follow the training offered in Montreal

Are you ready to enter the job market?

To submit an application for our employment integration program, contact us by telephone at 514-277-7535 ext. 227, by email at recrutement@ateliermajuscule.ca or fill out the form below: